Video Surveillance Systems

Have you been vandalized?  Has someone tried to break into your building?

Do you need to protect your equipment, personnel or limit your liability? If you can answer yes to any of those questions we can help.  We use a common sense approach to meet your needs, we don’t over engineer our systems and sell features and functions that look great on paper but in a real application just don’t matter.

Our design approach will focus on your budget and your specifications. At Sierra Building Systems, Inc. we have access to equipment that can replace existing outdated low resolution analog cameras with high quality, high resolution analog cameras. If you are looking for the latest in 4K Ultra High Definition IP cameras look no further. We support many lines of cameras and recording solutions. We can provide a turnkey solution for your project.

At Sierra Building Systems, Inc. we use the latest proven technologies. We can retrofit existing systems and provide an single source solution that will meet your needs.

Professional design, installation and service for:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Network Video Recording and Storage
  • Video Management Software